Matcha Trần Mao Cream – Japanese Green Mask


Matcha Trần Mao Cream – Japanese Green Mask – comprehensive care solution for oily skin

To serve the needs of beauty but still save time, effort but still ensure efficiency and quality. Trần Mao natural product range offers Matcha Trần Mao Ice Cream – Japanese Green Mask, a combination of skin care recipes for all of you. 1. Ingredients in Matcha Cream Trần Mao:  
Jelly Tran Mao: Acne, anti-inflammatory, skin pigmentation and tanning. Helps skin become bright pink, smooth.
+ Matcha Trần Mao green tea: anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, bactericidal. Reduce swelling caused by acne, prevent acne.
+ Rice Bran: Exfoliate, control pigmentation, stimulate new cells, whiten and anti-aging
+ Cold Gao Trần Mao: increase the elasticity, smooth the skin, protect the skin from harmful factors from the environment.
+ Honey forest Trần Mao: acne, anti-inflammation and moisturize the skin
2. Use of Matcha Cream Trần Mao:
+ Make skin tight, smooth after 2 weeks
Treat all types of acne
+ Treatment dark eyes, acne caused by acne
+ Blush, freckles
+ Oils, tighten pores
+ Toxins, anti-inflammatory
+ Anti-aging, exfoliating, prevent the aging of the skin
3. How to use Matcha Cream Mao: + Wash your face with cleanser, face with hot water to open pores to enhance absorption of nutrients in the cream. Matcha Trần Mao Take a small amount of Matcha Chen Mao cream, just use the brush on the face. If the Matcha cream is too thick, add some water to make it easier to apply. After about 10 minutes when the mask has dried, use less water to massage the face and massage for about 10 -15 minutes and then clean it with water. With the harmonious combination and balance between the natural ingredients. Matcha Trần Mao Cream – Japanese green mask will give you a perfect skin.    
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