Trần Mao rose water _ natural product for women

Rose water is an indispensable product in woman’s collection, especially for women who like making-up, it is really important. It is possible to see rose water as a close friend to the woman’s skin.

Ingredients: Rose is grown and distilled directly in Da lat. Trần Mao Rose water is created by Chu Ba Nam who is pharmacist – writer – Lecturer of Hanoi University of Pharmacology, PhD student of Academy of Bulgarian Rose Valley. He was dubbed the “Mint King” of Vietnam.


  1. Moisturize the skin:

  • Keeps moisture and makes skin firmer. Soothe and restore your skin.
  1. Moisturize the eyes and lips

  • You only need to apply rose water around your eyes and lips every night before going to sleep, the skin will be provided needed moisture.
  1. Shrink pores

  • Rose water helps shrink pores and reduce oil effectively. So, after washing your face, use rose water to penetrate the skin, attend to the T area, pat gently on the skin.
  1. Prevent acne:

  • Using of rose water daily will help your skin to restrain oil, prevent acne effectively.
  1. Prevent wrinkles in the neck:

  • Rose water helps you reduce fatigue, wrinkle and help for the regulation of blood circulation under the skin.
  1. Exfoliate, bright skin:

  • Remove dirt and dead skin cells.
  • Provide enough essential nutrients to brighten skin.
  • Remodel skin, help skin softer and younger.
  1. Reduce eyestrain:

  • Using cotton wool with rose water, close your eyes and apply on your eyes for about 10 minutes. Eyes will be relaxed and relieved.

How to use:

Apply Trần Mao rose water twice a day in the morning and evening after washing or cleansing face. Use a small amount of rose water and then use a cotton of rose water and pat on the face until the cotton is dry. Avoid using excessive force to pat, as this will cause severe damage to the skin, especially for sensitive skin. If the amount of oil on the forehead and nose too much, you can use rose water there a little longer, then massage.
Storage: Normal temperature.
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