White blood: gynecological disease does not exclude anyone  

White blood: gynecological disease does not exclude anyone  

Although common gynecological disease, few know how white blood can cause “attack” women of all ages and occupations. Who is susceptible? Many statistics show that white blood disease (bad breath) tends to increase and become more and more rejuvenated in our country in recent years. The disease is not just the obsession of premenopausal women, menopause, but many sisters of various ages and occupations also face this disease. Health experts warn that all women can become “victims” of white blood cells. They are old people, women of reproductive age, girls and even girls. In addition, the disease also spreads from urban to agro-forestry, from the delta to the mountain, regardless of whether the women work in the office, public servants, employees or workers, farmers can suffer from this disease. “visit”.

The situation is due to many causes, but the source of the care is not properly closed to the germs (germs, rodents) or fungus attacks, leading to inflammation.

Besides, bad habits such as: late night, late sleep, abuse of tampons daily, wearing tight pants, stress … is also a factor causing white blood is the momentum to spread.
The impact is not small
In each person, the state of hemochromatosis will have different manifestations but the most common signs are irritation in the “secret triangle area”, the amount of secretion, much smelly or foul, yellowish green or milky white.

Due to the disease is located in the “dangerous” so most of the girls are shy, do not dare to share with anyone and silently bear. The rest of the self-medication to buy or learn to cure the disease from the forum. The subjective, ignorant of the sister has accidentally “assisted” the white blood disease is increasingly severe and cause incalculable consequences:
– Impact on reproductive health:
Although not dangerous to life, but if to prolong the recurrence, bleeding pathology will cause dangerous complications such as difficult conception, ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, preterm birth, cancer of the neck uterus, infertility.
– Impact on psychology:
Persistent white blood streaks that cause misery, fatigue, depression, anxiety and insecurity, thus causing loss of confidence in life and communication, seriously affecting the quality of life and performance. work.
– Threat of conjugal bliss:
White blood disease is also a barrier to separation of spouses. Because it always feels itchy, painful to make her afraid to close her husband. Happy family so swing, crack.
How to avoid “sick” disease
Although gynecological disease is common, whites can be excluded if they have “secret”. According to medical experts, when there are signs of disease, women need to revisit the prestigious medical facilities to be treated promptly.


In support of hemorrhoids treatment, women can find herbal glaucoma products Trần Mao extracted from the natural herbs is “engraved” of white blood like the Queen’s Palace, … . and other heirloom components. + Product effects – Completely cure gynecological diseases – Fungal infection of the uterus, cervix – dysmenorrhea, back pain up to month, menstrual disorders – White blood – The product has no side effects to the body Along with that, women need to adjust diet, activities and actively exercise sports. Women should note: do not abuse the toilet solution, do not douche the vagina several times, clean the area properly, change underwear often. In particular, keep the spirit of comfort, priority food supplement female hormone estrogen and gynecological examination every 6 months.

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