Trần Mao mint essential oil

Trần Mao mint essential oil

Mint is widely known as an herb, which is often used to make toothpaste, gum or shampoo and many other cosmetics. Thanks to the antibacterial ability, Trần Mao mint essential oil is always used in the prevention and treatment of acne for girls. Especially those who have oily skin are prone to accumulation of residues.



Trần Mao Rose essential oil is created by Chu Ba Nam who is pharmacist – writer – Lecturer of Hanoi University of Pharmacology, PhD student of Academy of Bulgarian Rose Valley. He was dubbed the “Mint King” of Vietnam.


Natural extracts from mint leaves and stem

Mint essential oil contains all natural ingredients with Menthol of 55 to 80%, menthone: 4 to 13%


– Treat cough, cold, headache effectively

– Treat acne, dark circles

– Help relax, focus the mind; relieve weariness.

– Remove Insect, cleanse air, sealed rooms

– Clean pores, remove dirt, sebum

– Control the lubrication of the hair, make strong hair, and prevent dandruff development

– Make mouth fragrant, limit plaque on the teeth

– Treat indigestion, flatulence


How to use:

  1. Relieve headaches:

Use the essential oil to massage the temples by the fingertips.

  1. Stuffy nose:

Smell the essential oil directly

  1. Cure flatulence:

Put 1 drop of essential oil into warm water to drink, 3 times a day.

  1. Treat flu:

Add 2 drops of essential oil to the burning lamp; cover the blanket for 10 minutes. You may combine with 1 drop of lemon grass essential oil to increase effectiveness.

  1. Fatigue:

Add 2 drops of essential oil to your palms and massage onto pain area.

  1. Body relaxation:

Option 1: Mix 2 drops of Trần Mao mint essential oil with 2 liters of warm water, rinse all body, and stand in the bathroom for 1 minute then dry wear clothes.

Method 2: Mix 3 drops of Trần Mao mint essential oil with 30ml base oil (coconut oil …) to massage body.

  1. Deodorant, bactericidal, mosquito repellant:

Add 3 drops of Trần Mao mint essential oil into burning lamp.

  1. Cold towels wipe face:

Add 2 drops of Mao Mao mint essential oil into a bowl of clean water, dip a dry towel into a bowl of water, squeeze the water, and put it in a sealed container in the fridge to wipe your face.

  1. Make mouthwash:

Add 3 drops of Mao Mao mint essential oil into 500ml boiled water to cool, gargle after brushing your teeth or eating snacks.

Trần Mao mint essential oil


– Store in a dry place, away from direct sunlight

– Do not use pure mint essential oil to treat the disease instead of the medical care.

– Can be diluted or used directly, but not applied to sensitive skin, especially not use in high concentrations for children.

– Do not drink directly.

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